Mavs Recruiting Brazilian Center

Rafael Hettsheimeir

A piece from DFW Fanbase and Reunion Rowdies.

The Mavericks have come of a disastrous first week of free agency. And the Mavericks possibly looking for anyone, are now searching overseas, reportedly having interest in Brazilian player Rafael Hettsheimeir.

Yeah… who?

I don’t know much about this dude, except he plays in Spain and that he is a 6′ 10″ center who weighs in at 260 pounds. A lot of people would compare his path to the NBA to Tiago Splitter of the San Antonio Spurs.

The Mavericks have the following “big men” on their roster: Brendan Haywood, Brand

an Wright (why do so many Dallas players

have the same/similar first name?) and draft pick Bernard James from Florida State.

But this could mean the Mavs, who apparently are resorting to looking for free agents in every nook and cranny of the basketball world, are desperate.

With that being said, I’m going to the local YMCA to play in a basketball game to see if I can be scouted as a potential point guard. I mean with GM Donnie Nelson looking every under rock why not.

How long till they have a “local talent” open try out day similar to what the Dallas Cowboys do for undrafted local area players?

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