Most Miserable Sports Cities in US

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Forbes Magazine listed the most miserable sports cities in the United States of America. Forbes introduces the list by saying:

“Where have U.S. sports fans suffered the most misery? Not from futility, but the heartbreak that comes from building fans’ hopes up only to let them down in the end. Sticking to sports towns with at least 75 cumulative seasons in the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball, we rank each by playoff failures (the deeper you lose in the playoffs, the more misery points) and championship droughts.”

1. Atlanta
Teams: Falcons, Braves, Hawks, Thrashers, Flames
Last titile: 1995

Championship Round Record: 1-5
Semifinal Round Record: 6-9
Total Seasons/Championships: 154/1

Lost their hockey team to Canada. Yup, Atlanta had a hockey team.

2. Seattle
Teams: Mariners, Seahawks
Last titile: 1979

Championship Round Record: 1-3
Semifinal Round Record: 4-7
Total Seasons/Championships: 112/1

Not to mention losing the Sonics to OKC where they are now dominating.

3. Phoenix
Teams: Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Suns, Coyotes
Last title: 2001

Championship Round Record: 1-3
Semifinal Round Record: 4-9
Total Seasons/Championships: 95/1

Kurt Warner almost made the Cardinals relevant, and Nash almost made the Suns shine but didn’t get past the Western Conference Finals.

4. Buffalo
Teams: Bills, Braves, Sabres
Last title: 1965

Championship Round Record: 2-6
Semifinal Round Record: 6-6
Total Seasons/Championships: 100/2

Four straight Super Bowl losses. But 4 straight Super Bowl trips? Dynasty or not? Dallas will always love you for losing 2 of those to us!

5. San Diego
Teams: Chargers, Padres, Rockets, Clippers
Last title: 1963

Championship Round Record: 1-7
Semifinal Round Record: 3-3
Total Seasons/Championships: 104/1

And to make it worse San Diego might lose the Chargers to Los Angeles, just like they did the Clippers.

6. Houston
Teams: Astros, Texans, Rockets, Oilers
Last title: 1995

Championship Round Record: 4-4
Semifinal Round Record: 5-8
Total Seasons/Championships: 137/4

7. Denver
Teams: Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, Avalanche, (NHL) Rockies
Last title: 2001

Championship Round Record: 4-6
Semifinal Round Record: 10-11
Total Seasons/Championships: 136/4

8. Cleveland
Teams: Browns, Indians, Cavaliers, Rams, Barons
Last title: 1964

Championship Round Record: 7-9
Semifinal Round Record: 4-11
Total Seasons/Championships: 225/7

This low on the list because of those 7 championships, but being the only team to eclipse 200 seasons on this list would keep there ratio even. And since they haven’t won a championship in any sport in almost 50 years you think they’d be higher on the list. I think Cleveland is the definition of miserable. Losing LeBron to Miami. Losing the Browns (temporarily I guess) to Baltimore.

9. Kansas City
Teams: Chiefs, Royals, Athletics, Kings, Scouts
Last title: 1985

Championship Round Record: 2-2
Semifinal Round Record: 4-6
Total Seasons/Championships: 120/2

Yeah, I can see it.

10. Cincinnati
Teams: Bengals, Reds, Royals
Last title: 1990

Championship Round Record: 5-6
Semifinal Round Record: 7-5
Total Seasons/Championships: 180/5

The Reds make this city less miserable. But the Bengals try hard.

Don’t know that I agree with Denver being on the list. Avalanche are successful, 2 Super Bowl wins in the 90s. I mean I guess those 4 championships came over a 5 year span. But all were recent. By that token, had the Dallas Mavs not won the Championship this past year Dallas should be on the list. Dreadful seasons from the Cowboys, the Rangers being the rangers for decades, plus two heart breaking WS losses. Mavs perennial regular season winners and post season losers.

Why isn’t Philadelphia on this list? Cause the Phillies won a World Series recently?

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