What Is Going On With Lamar Odom?

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What in the world is going on with Lamar Odom? The Dallas Maverick’s played the Los Angeles Laker’s last Wednesday night without Lamar Odom, who hasn’t been back since. Lamar Odom was supposedly out to attend to his “seriously ill” father. TMZ however ran into Joe Odom, the following day! And Joe Odom said he was just fine, a little stomach bug but he is ok. He did at least acknowledge that his son was with him that night.

So why is Lamar Odom missing a game against a contender in the Western Conference to tend to his estranged father?

Is it because he is unhappy to be with the Mavericks? Or that he’s only unhappy to the Mavericks because they aren’t giving him any kind of security past this season. Maybe Lamar Odom is upset with the prospect of being “one and done” with Dallas.

Some speculated that Lamar Odom would retire, mid-season. He had a tumultuous off season and pondered retiring before the season started.

Maybe Mark Cuban and the Mav’s would buy him out? Or maybe trade him?

“It hasn’t been discussed and we wouldn’t do it. We think Lamar can be a huge plus for us.” That’s Mark Cuban’s take on those rumors.

“We have never said he is not part of our plans for next year,” Cuban said. “Sometimes guys go through issues and we have to deal with them. We always try to support our guys.”

So where is Lamar Odom, and why is Lamar Odom not playing with the Dallas Maverick’s tonight against the New Jersey Nets?

Joe Odom is no longer ill. He doesn’t need tending to, I mean he was caught alone walking down a street by TMZ.

I know that some of Dallas’ more popular establishment’s have declined to allow the show “Khloe and Lamar” to be taped there. Does that make Dallas seem unwilling to embrace Lamar and Khloe? I don’t think so. Some establishments have invited and welcomed the couple and their show. For instance, McKinney Avenue Tavern in the Uptown area of Dallas, owned by nationally syndicated radio show host Al Mack, of KISS FM’s Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, ran a banner welcoming and inviting the couple in.

So what’s his deal?

Lamar Odom was almost a New Orleans Hornet or Houston Rocket this summer in a trade for Chris Paul that was ultimately vetoed by the NBA and David Stern.

So Odom should be thrilled to be a Dallas Maverick right? Defending NBA Champions, perennial contender. 11 straight 50-win seasons. Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, and Jason Terry are veteran players he can play with.

Vince Carter has stepped up and been a big producer relieving the expectations levied on Lamar Odom, this season’s savior after key player departures in the off season.

Odom isn’t even a valuable trade asset at the moment. Who would trade for Lamar while he sits out for unknown reasons in Dallas?

Did Lamar Odom love Los Angeles that much?

Is it really the off-season traumas he endured?

I don’t know why Lamar Odom thinks anyone, Mavs included, would want to sign him for a season beyond this year.

So where is Lamar Odom?

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