Mavs Giving Away Championship Rings?

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Well the Dallas Mavericks after working so hard to win a Championship and all the accompany hardware are giving rings away left and right.

Jason Terry announced he was buying a second ring, and exact copy of the ring he earned, and raffling it off. JET is trying to raise money for his daughter’s basketball team, “The Lady JETs” to go to China.

Well the Dallas Mavericks are now raffling off a ring as well. The difference being if you win the Mavericks raffle, the ring will have your name engraved on it. This ring however is described as a “near replica” of the original.

The JET’s raffle tickets are $2 each, and the Dallas Mavericks raffle tickets are 1 for $10, 3 for $25 and 7 for $50. The money from the Mavs’ raffle will go to The Mavs Foundation.

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